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BoxIt Fit


This is 55-minutes of stress-relieving, heart-pumping, fat-burning, core-ripping FUN! From the moment your hands are wrapped, you FEEL YOUR POWER during the calisthenic warmup, 30-minutes (8 rounds) of Boxing and cool-down ab session. Note: THIS IS ADAPTABLE TO ALL FITNESS ABILITIES! You will learn proper technique for boxing to maximize the fitness benefits and minimize injury risk.

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Class Schedule  
Mondays8:00 am & 9:15 am
Tuesdays6:00 am & 11:00 am
Wednesdays8:00 am & 9:15 am
Thursdays11:00 am
Fridays6:00 am & 8:00 am

First Class is Free for all Students, 10% off for HDMA members for punchcard!

Shannah has been in the fitness industry for 16 years, both as an employee of health clubs (Athletic Club of Bend – 2005-2006; Title Boxing Club – 2013-2015; Stafford Hills Club – 2015-2018) and owner of her own training business and studio in Bend from 2006-2013. Health and fitness is also an integral part of her life whether it is running on the trails, biking, skiing (water and snow), strength training or just playing outdoors with her kids. Exercise and physical activity gives her an outlet for mental balance.While she loves doing functional training, running gait analyses, youth fitness training and core strengthening, she found a passion for the multi-faceted benefits of boxing for fitness.

  • Personal Trainer – Amercian Council on Exercise (ACE) since 2002
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS) since 2003
  • Certified Boxing Trainer (Box N’Burn Academy) since 2018 Johnny G. Spin Instructor (2003)
  • CPR Certified
  • Low Back Disorders
  • TRX Group Training


First Class Free for all Students!

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